We started to our journey in 1977 in Istanbul-Bayrampasa as CAKIROGLU MAKINA-KALIP, in 2013, We continued to our institutional structure as HASTAY MAKINA SAN. TIC. LTD.

With all our experience since 1977; we have been serving to spare part and machining sector in Istanbul İkitelli Industrial Zone.

We started with one single machine to our business life in a small workshop while we currently possess 11 machines and aim always to grow.

On our possess;

  • Feeler 4-axis CNC milling machine ( x1300 y600 z600 )
  • Feeler CNC milling machine ( x1000 y550 z550 )
  • Finetech CNC milling machine ( x1020 y600 z550 )
  • Brother Tapping center (x500 y400 z300)
  • Feeler ftc-450 CNC turning machine ( Ø 450 x 650 )
  • Feeler ftc-30 CNC turning machine( Ø 420 x 600 )
  • Goodway gls-200 CNC turning machine (Ø 350 x 500 )
  • Arıx Tmd 42-CL CNC sliding automat ( 5-axis - with max.42 bars)
  • Hectomark conventional milling machine
  • Automatic saw cutting
  • Mıtutoyo Cmm,
  • Mıtutoyo Yüzey Ölçüm Cihazı,
  • Conventional turning machines
  • Marking machine

Except those ones, we are equipped with Pillar Drill, MIG/TIG Welding Machine and other equipment.

Thanks to our precise, trustworthy and quick business approach, we aim to have always advanced technology and to be able to work with High Quality.